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Postscript to “seeking four leaf clover,” posted yesterday:  Message from Yvonne (Trenton’s Mom),  “The attached four leaf clover photos are from Memorial Day 2008. You can see the hunt and the outcome, including the three Trenton found that year next to his Harry Potter backpack and my glass! ”

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First Ever Bethel Heights facebook Haiku contest launched Memorial Weekend, provokes question:  what is haiku?   Quick google answer:  classic Japanese poetry genre with  17 syllables (more or less), 3 lines, seasonal reference.  And for our contest, it has to be about our wine.  Thus wineku.  Here are two Memorial Weekend wineku from the family. First, from Marilyn:

Time to taste new wine

Harvest juice uncorked

Sets our senses dancing

And from Pat, scene posted yesterday at Bethel Heights:

Boy front, parents rear

Seeking four-leaf clover

In the grass at Bethel Heights

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This is Trenton Bastasch, age 11, today at Bethel Heights.  Trenton says he has found more than one four-leaf clover in the “magic patch” on the south side of the tasting room at Bethel  Heights  every year since 2006.  He was here today, with his parents, who corroborated his story.  Unfortunately Trenton did not find a four-leaf clover today because we had just mowed the lawn and cut off the clover tops.  We’ll do better next time!  Happily, Trenton’s parents enjoyed the Pinot blanc.

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